Posted: September 3, 2018 | Press

Amsino is Poised for Further Growth with the Acquisition of Shanghai Regent Medical Technology Company and its iRECEPTAL™ Waste Fluid Management System

Shanghai, China — Amsino Medical Group is delighted to announce the closing of an acquisition of Shanghai Regent Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a Shanghai based medical technology firm that has successfully developed an innovative waste fluid management system. The system, now under the trade name of “iRECEPTAL”, is the first of its kind in today’s Chinese market with the ability to provide a closed waste fluid management system that reduces/minimizes the chance of infection and that specifically addresses the unique clinical needs of large volume liquid surgical procedures. This acquisition positions Amsino as a forerunner in this market.

Over the past 25 years, Amsino has delivered world-class, high quality disposable medical devices to the global market. Amsino is expanding its well-known and trusted RECEPTAL® brand with the inclusion of the new iRECEPTAL waste fluid management closed system equipment product line. The addition of this new closed system product line to the RECEPTAL legacy makes Amsino the first and only company to offer both waste fluid management closed system capital equipment and disposable product lines in the industry. This enables Amsino to provide a complete waste fluid management solution for the hospital operating room that accommodates the full spectrum of small and large volume liquid procedure needs. 

In unison with the iRECEPTAL acquisition, Amsino welcomes new staff members to its senior management team.  Among the additions to the team is James Zhu who leads the iRECEPTAL product line as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Amsino’s China Business Unit. James has held various significant leadership roles in multiple Fortune-500 companies and has over 18 years of pharmaceutical and medical device industry experience. 

“iRECEPTAL is a great addition to our RECEPTAL product family! We are excited to expand our market reach with the launch of the iRECEPTAL system and look forward to the advancement, growth, profitability and continued expansion of the company.” said Richard Y. Lee, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO Amsino.

Amsino’s culture of continuous improvement, its dedication to creating value for customers worldwide, and the ability to offer both brand and contract manufactured products has been the foundation for the company’s success. Building upon that foundation, the new iRECEPTAL waste fluid management line of products places the company on the fast track for growth in 2018 and beyond.

About Amsino

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