Posted: September 10, 2020 | News, Press

Amsino, A Strong Force in the Fight Against COVID-19

Amsino, A Strong Force in the Fight Against COVID-19

How a medical device company supported the frontlines through innovation during COVID-19

While COVID-19 came as a surprise for many and continues to wreak havoc across communities and businesses in the U.S., one medical device company was ready to assist in fighting off the pandemic. “COVID-19 has been a wake-up call across the world,” says Richard Lee, founder and CEO of Amsino International Inc., a medical device company founded in California in 1993. “I just saw a need for technological innovation and new methods for stopping the spread of infectious diseases, and our company mission is just that: improving the safety and efficacy of patient care.”

With many patented products and services from respiratory therapy systems to enteral feeding systems, Amsino creates and distributes most of their medical devices to hospitals and health care facilities. When the pandemic first hit in China, they kicked their production into high gear in anticipation of the disease hitting the U.S.

“Because COVID causes respiratory tract infections, we’ve seen a huge clinical need for multi-functional ventilators, filtered full-face masks, high flow oxygen delivery products, home medical equipment and closed mucus suction devices that help prevent the spread of the virus in hospital and nursing home settings,” says Lee. “Even in a post-COVID world, I think the demand for infection prevention products, especially in the respiratory care space, will grow substantially.”

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