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Amsino Medical Group Company announces transformational investment from Novo Tellus

Amsino Medical Group Company announces transformational investment from Novo Tellus

Pomona, USA, 26 June 2024 — Amsino Medical Group Company (“Amsino”), a global provider of medical consumable devices, is pleased to announce the closing of a substantial investment by Novo Tellus, a leading investment firm specialising in long-term investments in the global supply chain.

Novo Tellus is deeply familiar with Amsino, having previously partnered with Amsino to create substantial growth between 2011 and 2017. Amsino’s management team and Novo Tellus aim to work closely again to grow Amsino’s global production, R&D, and commitment to quality to deliver better and better solutions to customers around the world.

“We’re excited to renew a long-term partnership with Novo Tellus” said Dr. Richard Y. Lee, Chairman and CEO of Amsino Medical Group Company, noting that “Novo Tellus has proven itself as a growth partner for Amsino before, and shares our fundamental commitment to delivering dependable innovation and value to our customers around the world.”

“We are already working with Novo Tellus to build Amsino into a next-generation global medical supplier. We’re expanding our production facilities in the US and growing our supply chain to deliver more solutions, closer to market, for our customers. We’re proud of the long-term relationships we have with healthcare customers around the world, and we’re investing in research and advanced manufacturing to bring better and better solutions to market over time,” added Dr. Lee.

Novo Tellus Managing Partner Loke Wai San said, “we’ve been long-term believers in Amsino’s approach of delivering critical medical consumables to valued customers around the world. Today, as the global supply chain shifts in response to economic and geopolitical changes, we’ve listened to the market, and we see great strategic opportunity with growing Amsino’s existing US production to serve more customers more deeply here in the domestic market.”

Reflecting on Amsino’s global prospects, Robert Chen (Operating Partner) and Pei Shan Wong (Senior Vice President) at Novo Tellus noted that “Amsino has always been a global company, and even as we grow our US operations in support of our US customers, we’re looking to expand Amsino’s global footprint and operations. The global supply chain now demands more of suppliers: more products, more manufacturing locations, greater availability, and a shorter supply chain. With its US headquarters, established branded offerings, and deep experience in US and Asia operations, Amsino is strategically positioned to grow into a leading supplier of diversified medical consumables worldwide.”

The investment was made with all equity and no debt from Novo Tellus investment funds, and closed in June 2024, with Novo Tellus and Amsino already working actively to build the Company’s future together.

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