Posted: March 17, 2023 | News, Press

Amsino Awarded “Most Valuable Partner” Award from Bound Tree

Amsino Awarded “Most Valuable Partner” Award from Bound Tree

POMONA, CA - March 17, 2023

On Monday, February 27, 2023, Amsino Medical Group was honored to be awarded the “Most Valuable Partner” award from Bound Tree. Our team attended the Bound Tree National Sales Meeting on Monday, February 27th in Orlando, FL where Beth Clifford, Phil Kelsey, and Lowell Warner graciously accepted the award.

Amsino was awarded for our partnership with Bound Tree throughout 2022. We were able to supply critical market needs for globally scarce Pre-Filled Saline Flush Syringes.

When Bound Tree was faced with zero inventory, our team was able to expedite the delivery of multiple shipments of product directly from our manufacturing plants in China. We fast tracked the order by air and ship to solve their immediate needs. Amsino CCO, Phil Kelsey, says “this was a total team effort between Bound Tree’s sales, marketing, and logistics teams combined with Amsino’s logistics team.”

Amsino Marketing Manager, Beth Clifford, says “during Q3 2022 we took quick action to bring in as much flush as possible. We had to quickly expand production capabilities with additional product lines to meet critical demand. To complete this we needed a new 510(k) for steam sterilization. Bound Tree was instrumental in supporting us in the process to obtain this 510(k) which resulted in us obtaining FDA clearance in record time. Obtaining this 510(k) clearance allowed us to triple our original capacity.

We know successful partnerships require a tremendous amount of “back-end work.” On the Amsino side we had a team in place to track orders leaving our facilities and following their delivery either directly to customers or to our warehouse daily. Flush was on everyone’s minds from morning to night and at times we all felt “flushed” with the demand and dedication needed to expedite the production and delivery of our flush syringes. We also had a weekly cadence call with the Bound Tree team to bring together our logistics, marketing, sales, and purchasing teams to be sure Bound Tree had the inventory they needed during this critical time. The key to success was maintaining a good relationship between all parties. I believe our collaboration and transparency with Bound Tree was a perfect example of how to achieve success!”

Following the exit of a key market leader in 2021, the market was left looking for opportunities to replace critical demand for flush syringes. Given Amsino’s expertise in the industry we were able to step in and immediately begin production of a variety of Pre-Filled Saline Flush Syringes.

Our line of Pre-Filled Saline Flush Syringes includes 3, 5, 10, and 20mL syringes in addition to offering options in both standard dust covers and sterile field ready packaging.