EZE-VAC 2.0 Canisters

Product Information

This new canister system is very economical and is compatible with most hardware in the market. As with many other of Amsino’s Waste Fluid Management Systems, EZE-VAC 2.0 also includes an anti-foaming emulsion that prevents froth formation and aerosolization, reducing the risk of contaminant exposure while maximizing fluid capacity.

EZE-VAC 2.0 Canisters support best practices by integrating VAC-GARD®, a non-mechanical shut-off valve that prevents back flow of aerosols and fluids into the vacuum system which is effective in removing 99.99% of Stapphyloccus aureus.

Lid attaches firmly to the canister, maximizing vacuum power and reducing risk of leakage.
Easy-to-read volume marks help with patient documentation.
Clearly marked patient and vacuum ports on lid helps prevent misconnection.
Canisters are nestable for compact storage.
Multiple volume sizes to match your needs.
Compatible with most hardware currently being used in the market; this allows for ease of conversion.

Order Information

Item Description Qty/Unit

800 mL EZE-VAC 2.0 Canister


1200 mL EZE-VAC 2.0 Canister


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