EZE-VAC Suction Canister System

Product Information

The EZE-VAC® disposable suction canisters are single-use, designed for convenience by removing the need for a secondary waste liner. The disposable canisters are available in 1200 mL, and 2000 mL sizes. EZE-VAC® Canisters include a VAC-GARD® integrated filter shut-off valve that supports best practice by preventing back flow of aerosols and fluids into the vacuum system.

  • Lid attaches firmly to the canister, maximizing vacuum power and minimizing risk of leakage
  • Easy-to-read volume marks
  • Large patient label strip for convenient documentation
  • Reflux protector on patient port reduces contamination exposure risk
  • VAC-GARD® shut off valve includes a filter effective in removing 99.99% of Stapphyloccus aureus
  • Non-Sterile, Disposable
  • Latex Free, DEHP Free and BPA Free

Order Information

EZE-VAC Suction Canister System

Item Description Features Qty/Unit

1200 mL EZE-VAC® Canister and Lid with 2 Elbows


2000 mL EZE-VAC® Canister and Lid with 2 Elbows


3300 mL EZE-VAC® Canister and Lid with 2 Elbows


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