Simple, Safe and Complete Solutions

Amsino is a leading global provider of waste fluid management systems. For nearly a decade, Amsino has been manufacturing a wide range of suction products to the highest quality standards and has developed some of the most advanced waste fluid management systems in the world.

The RECEPTAL® suction canister system provides the economic benefits of both a reusable canister and flexible disposable liners. A closed, disposable suction liner system securely isolates all suction waste with single or tandem set-ups having a capacity of up to 24L without disconnection.

The EZE-VAC® suction canister system is single-use, designed for convenience by removing the need for a secondary waste liner. The disposable canister and lid provide a vacuum tight seal, improving suction performance and reducing risk during disposal.

The breadth of Amsino’s RECEPTAL® waste fluid management systems enhance patient quality of care through clinical efficacy, ease-of-use, product selection and key safety features. Amsino’s waste fluid management portfolio provides a complete solution with the accessories you need to deliver care including; suction yankauers, specimen traps, vacuum tubing, wall mounts, floor stands, canister supports, brackets, critical measure devices, device holsters and accessories.